Studio G + M

Studio G + M is located in Downtown Miami, in the Wynnwood Arts District. It is a 1300 square foot studio with 12 foot ceilings.

Studio G + M is also the  official pairing of gregmyersphotography and Miss Poindexter Vintage. It is the pairing of two very talented artists, both of whom have original creative visions.

  • About G… gregmyersphotography is a photographer, artist, fashion and film enthusiast who loves creating beautiful, imaginative, and provoking images that capture more than just a viewer’s eyes. He is a photographer who can turn any location into his studio and can turn a junkyard into an exotic and serene backdrop.
  • About M… Miss Poindexter, aka M, is an artist, fashion designer specializing in couture and avant garde, creative director, fashion stylist, hair and makeup artist, and last but not least, a model who understands form, shape, and expression. She has not only been Greg’s  partner for the past two years, but she has also been his main source of creativity and drive. Her unique insights into what is beauty, what is art, and what is fashion, not only adds a twist to the fashion world, but helps inspire Greg.
Together, Studio G + M is looking to work with other talented artists, from models to stylists, to other designers, as well as hair and make-up teams. Their goal is to get published in magazine publications and books from shooting high-end fashion and editorial work and to travel the US and abroad in hopes of adding their own styles to the fashion industry.

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