Updated Website as well as New Changes coming to this blog and more…

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

After a month of preparation, I finally updated my main website www.gregmyersphotography.com. It has been almost three years since it was last updated, which is sadly, quite common for most photographers. I wanted the new website to reflect the newer work that I have shot the past two years, as well as take down some of the shots I took back when I was starting out. Back then I was addicted to shooting in grungy abandoned locations to try to create something beautiful and emotional out of something so broken down. But, I will admit, I still enjoy doing that from time to time, however, I have more interest in all types of locations, and I am always looking to challenge myself with finding something new and different.

Lately, I have enjoyed getting back to the studio, and while I do not have a new studio in Florida this very moment (but that will hopefully be changing soon), I now like to turn whatever room I am in, into my studio. And this leads me to the title of my post. Coming in the next week or two will be the updated version of this blog, as well as a brand new site that I think will be very informative and entertaining to not only photographers of all skill levels, but to fans of photography and video. It will be my new educational website and it will follow photography techniques, equipment, as well as start slowly making its way into video. I have looked forward to doing this for some time, but I needed to get a few things knocked out before I could start making time to do it properly.

So, if you are interested in seeing the next stage of this, please continue to follow this blog and check back for updates.

Thanks, Greg


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